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Episode 92 - Barney Levitt, oil painter, MA

"Cut From the Same Cloth" 9"x12"

I've been creating 'pictures' ever since I was old enough to grip a crayon and scribble on my parents' living room walls. I was given my first oil set when I was 12 years old that set me on my destined path to becoming a professional artist. After graduating with a Fine Arts degree in drawing and painting, I never looked back. Much of my work is still life driven as it affords me total control of setups and lighting. I like working with 'timeless' objects that give a sense of nostalgia to the viewer.

My still lifes vary in theme from the classical 'old master' set-ups, to the quirkier word play paintings. Titles are important to me as they give the viewer better insight into what I'm trying to convey. Humor also plays out in much of my work and I strive for a narrative that will capture the viewers' attention. My work combines naturalistic detail with quirky offbeat compositions that often juxtapose ordinary objects in ways the viewer doesn't expect.

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