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Episode 78-Anna V. Birch, Artist, Writer and Teacher

Anna Birch is an artist and writer living in Hollis NH. In addition to creating her own work, she has been teaching youth and adults in classes, camps and workshops at Wild Salamander Creative Arts Center since 2012.

In her own artwork, Anna works in a variety of mediums, including printmaking, painting, photography, book arts, mixed media & fiber arts. She has worked teaching teenagers, children & adults in many settings over the years, from outdoor adventure programs to pre-schools to homeschooling groups, conducting art and creativity workshops incorporating bookbinding, art-journals/creative writing, printing and collage art.  Anna is an extroverted person and teacher and enjoys working on generative art in community, be it writing, making art with friends, groups, or the larger community. She lives in Hollis NH with her husband, oil painter Christopher Volpe, and their son Max.

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