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Episode 70-Mary Byrom, plein air painter Berwick, ME

In 2004 after years of painting in the studio I went outdoors to paint the landscape. This simple act of going outdoors to paint for the next fourteen years had a major effect on my work and my focus.

These years of painting en plein air have changed the way I make paintings, the way I experience the landscape and the reason I paint.

The focus of my work is to paint the experience of the world from an authentic place. The process to this place was a long one. After a substantial amount of practice in the field I was able paint outdoors and successfully execute paintings that were closer to my inner vision.

My work is painted alla prima. I usually finish a painting in one outdoor session. My aim is to capture the feeling, mood, and light as simply as possible. I work with a limited palette and a sketchbook. In my sketchbook I mentally plan the painting by drawing before I pick up my brush. I paint in a direct, fresh, loose manner that is the result of thoughtfully chosen brushstrokes. Color relationships, design and mood are important in my work. My objective is to paint fresh, loose, understated paintings that invite the viewer to experience the feeling of a moment, mood or place.

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