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Episode 52-Karen Romagna, oil painter and children's book illustator.

I grew up in Morristown, New Jersey and was lucky enough to have lived in a home with a creative thread running deeply through it. It was a home filled with music, art and laughter. My siblings and I were encouraged to: "Okay! Give it a try!" And we did.

My interest in painting started early and I hope as long as I live, will never end. I studied for many years with the late Milton Charles. More recently artists I admire, Todd Bonita and Karen Blackwood, Lisa Falkenstern, Doris Ettlinger and countless others have guided me along in my journey to simply, “Paint what I see!”

A sunrise, a barn in a meadow, storm clouds on the horizon are some of the images that make me stop, look and paint what I see… only better.

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