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Episode 49-Frank Hyer

Here are some notes about Frank's unique process followed by the paintings and drawings referenced:

"These notes are to 'demystify' my processes!

-Trail to Sheepyard Point is a simple charcoal drawing where I’ve employed acrylic highlights for light effect.

-Three Lights, the drawing of my daughter at breakfast, is charcoal on Borden & Riley Museum Rag that was isolated with four coats of clear gesso, followed by Oil Paint Glazes followed by more opaque layers of oil Paint.

-Fog Bank and 1/4 Bushel are more traditionally conceived Studio Oil on Panel works.

-In The Hand is a Charcoal drawing, which has been isolated by multiple layers of Alkyd Liquin, over which I’ve applied opaque oil paint.

-Surface Tension, is another Charcoal drawing, isolated by 4 coats of clear gesso, followed by oil glazes, and subsequent opaque layers of oil paint. and finally,

-At Anchor, is another Charcoal Drawing over which I’ve layered Liquin in multiple coats, followed by fairly thin oil glazes, so as not to obscure the energy of the drawing."

"Trail to Sheepyard Point"

"Three Lights"

"Fog Bank"

"1/4 Bushel"

"In the Hand"

"Surface Tension"

"At Anchor"

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