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Episode 46-Lisa Noonis mixed media painter

I start a painting with the open mindedness of an explorer. I don’t fully know where any given piece will land but am certain that if I show up to work every day, it will arrive at its destination. Ultimately the process/act of creating is as important as the final outcome. • I paint what I know—figures, still lifes, and landscapes—but push these “knowns” into abstracted places. I combine my love of color, form, line, and design without fully abandoning representation. • I work in a constant state of experimentation and discovery. My materials range from oils, acrylic, and latex, to graphite, oil pastels, and collage—media whose very nature allows me the freedom to work expressively and without hesitation. I often work directly on large sheets of canvas or paper on the walls, sometimes using tools like extension poles, squeegees and oversized paintbrushes. • As a self-taught painter, artistic growth is critical to me. While transformation is a challenge on many levels, it forces me to go beyond what I think I know and feeds my curious nature.


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