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Episode 4 - Jane Davis Copp

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

Jane Davis Copp grew up in Hanover, NH where she studied art with Anne Slade Frey, granddaughter to the founders of the Currier Museum of Art. She received a degree in Art Education from the University of New Hampshire and has taught art in NH public schools for over 27 years. She lives in North Hampton, NH where she conducts private lessons and paints. Jane is also the author of the book Visual Arts for Middle Schools –Skilled Based Curricula with Summative Assessments. She is a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association. Her work can be viewed at the Ceres Gallery on 23 Ceres Street in Portsmouth, NH.

" is human instinct to produce and enjoy artistic experiences."

“Art works are the most complex and diverse of human achievements and creations of free human will and conscious execution.”

-Denis Dutton – author of The Art Instinct-

Beauty, Pleasure and Human Evolution

Artist Statement-

“Art works have always held a certain fascination for me, beginning as a child walking through museums here and in Europe, as a college student wrestling with the challenges of art instruction and again as a teacher watching my students create. The process of art creation and the physical reminder of the beauty of our natural world motivate my interest in painting. My goals are to capture a visual segment of time where color, form, light and shadow provide aesthetic consideration and perhaps emotional content.”

Jane Davis Copp

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