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Episode 27 - Pamela Lussier

Pamela Lussier is best described as a painterly realist. A 1978 graduate of the Art Institute of Boston, Pam has been painting and teaching classes and workshops for more than twenty five years. Pam has an intense passion for her work as a fine artist. She was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, a blood cancer, seven years ago which resulted in the loss of her kidney function 7 years ago. Though her cancer has remained in total remission for 6 years she had to receive dialysis treatment. Pam continued to paint and teach. Her positive work ethic and attitude made her an inspiration to all those around her. Family, friends and students have all been touched by Pam's ability to press on with a sense of normality, often putting their needs above her own. Recently she received a new donor kidney and is thriving with this new chance at life. She is once again painting full time and looking forward to fully participating in the art community.

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