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Episode 19-Maryclare Heffernan

I find the beauty of landscape thrilling. When I paint I strive to capture the emotions evoked by the ever-changing light and energy of the sky or sea. I hope my paintings express the feelings beneath the surface and beyond the moment.

I’ve come to the world of art late in life. For me it is a joyful discovery and a deeply satisfying journey. I grew up in New Jersey in a family of artists, musicians and cooks, surrounded by creative energy, passion and talent. I loved the life we all shared but I didn’t begin practicing my own art until much later.

When I inherited many of Dad’s paints and brushes after he passed away I stored them in old cigar boxes until my sisters showed me how to use them. Since those first thrilling days of painting I’ve taken oil painting and watercolor classes at the New Hampshire Institute of Art and more recently I’ve had the pleasure of working in oils at the Ogunquit Summer School of Art Plein Air workshops on the coast of Maine. ​​ The beauty in everything from the colors of the sugar maple leaves in the fall, the delicate feathers on the Chickadees and goldfinches outside the kitchen window, to the space where the sky and water touch, captivate and thrill me. The learning never ends and only makes this unexpected journey that much sweeter.

I live and paint in an old farmhouse in New Hampshire with my husband, a happy dog and a cranky, but very pretty, cat.


"A Sunapee Moment"

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