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Episode 13-Scott Thorp, photographer

Updated: Nov 25, 2018

The first photograph I remember taking was on a 4th grade field trip to Augusta Maine. Long ago were the days of putting the 126 or 110 size cartridge of film in a bag, mailing it off to some magical place then waiting 2 weeks to get your prints back. Now- shoot it, dump it or keep it. Between then and now my photography has taken many twisted turns. High school brought the camera club. What an easy way to get out of study hall and classes and roam the halls taking pictures to end up in the yearbook. I was accepted at but did not attend Rhode Island School of Photography, foolishness at an early age. Started capturing weddings and portraits which got progressively larger for about 10 years. I operated an in home studio. January of 2000 I filmed a fire rescue in Rochester NH that went viral before viral existed. Shown on local Ch9, ABC picked it up, which was seen by CNN. Before I knew it the video was on Extra, Maurry, Real TV, the History Channel and yes even Oprah. I have written and photographed a couple of magazine articles, was commissioned for Portsmouth NH's Market Square Day poster in 1986 and have photos in a couple of books.

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