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Episode 12-Cynthia Desando

9"x12" , "Late Day Landscape"

Cynthia DeSando’s art life includes illustration work for the Boston Globe, Horticulture Magazine, Sanctuary magazine, and others in the Boston area. She had some of her first shows at Buddenbrooks Gallery , the Arnold Arboretum, and the Hunt Institute at Carnegie-Mellon University. She has some pieces that are part of the permanent collection at the Hunt Institute, a collection that includes work back to the 15th c.

She raised her two kids while teaching art at several public and private schools in MA. She has recently retired and is enjoying the freedom to do her own work on her own schedule.

Current favorite quotes:

Pursue excellence, not success. ~Deepak Chopra Seeing comes before words. ~John Berger

She has a great love for looking at and making paintings!

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