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Episode 10-Debbie Mueller

"Toward Market Square" 16"x20"

This is the story of an accidental artist, the story of an Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Mother, and Wife, who discovers, at the age of 56, that she is a painter.

I am the daughter of an artist mother, and crafty father, and had always seen myself as having received my father’s genes. I pursued hobbies of mosaic making, pottery, and even photography, leaving the fine art to my mother. However, when visiting my parents in Sarasota, Florida in February of 2016, my life changed On a rainy afternoon, with nothing else planned, a set of acrylic paints appeared, and I produced my first painting of a dock at dusk. My life was forever changed.

Since then, I have not stopped learning, and have not stopped painting. I have transitioned from acrylic paint to oil, and explored a variety of subjects. I have studied with Susan Schwake, Tom Glover, Pamela DuLong Williams, Todd Bonita, Stan Moeller, David Lussier, Sean Beavers, and Tim Horn, and have taken away important lessons from each. As I find my voice, I am also finding an audience for my work in Portsmouth and beyond. I delight in having discovered this hidden passion, and look forward to living the rest of my life as an artist.

While I am drawn to the landscape in all its’ wardrobe, my heart sings when I can paint the dance between light and shadow.

Debbie Mueller

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