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About Your Host

Laura grew up in the tiny town of Maynard, MA where she survived being the youngest of six children. Here she experienced all the joys and dangers of growing up in a large family.


She counts her greatest life achievement to be the raising of her four beautiful children into responsible adults. During their upbringing, Laura became a Suzuki violin teacher which is currently still her main gig. Her two sons and two daughters kept her delightfully busy for twenty something years before the metamorphosis occurred while her back was turned…


When they all “flew the coup”, taking their computer savviness with them Laura was forced to go to a local community college for computer classes. Here she also discovered and first dipped her toe into visual arts through a drawing class. A wild dance with oil painting quickly ensued, also brought on by the “empty nest” phase of parenting. This hobby turned passion was followed shortly thereafter by the obsessive phase, where Laura now comfortably practices her art. Part time violin teacher plus part time artist equals full time chaos and joy!


Laura began this podcast to satisfy her voracious need to learn. By interviewing other artists for her own learning, she can simultaneously offer these discovered jewels to fellow friends and colleagues through this venue! The podcast is quickly becoming her new venue to teach her all things technical. Most days leave her feeling quite computer savvy, and her husband and children left speechless. And then there are the other days…yet she will persevere to bring you insights from artists on all points of their artistic journey!

 When not teaching violin or painting, weekdays find Laura taxiing around the New Hampshire seacoast with her sassy 85-year-old mother to doctors’ appointments ukulele classes, and trips to Rye beach. Weekends find her painting or off on some adventure near their home in the White Mountains with her husband Alex.


Through her art, Laura seeks to capture the breathtaking beauty in the everyday, from the early morning rays of flickering softness to the waning long shadows which signal the close of another day. She values the daily rhythms of life and sees them echoed in all of natures wonders. She believes these life cycles offer us peace, solidarity, comfort and hope and this New England artist seeks always to transport the viewers of her work to these simple yet magnanimous feelings too. You can view Laura's work


Through this podcast Laura seeks to inspire, cajole and empathize with the artists’ need to balance real life with their equally essential need to create. Here is the place to discover some nugget that will make your studio space or painting technique better.  Perhaps you’ll find the courage to enter that juried show, or walk into that gallery, or illustrate your poetry. Or you may simply sigh with relief to know that others have similar struggles in putting the puzzle together. Maybe you will be convinced to pick up that brush for the first time in many years, or the first time ever!


Stay around, have a listen then stand up and take the very next step before you! The world needs your light!

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