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Welcome to Artists of NE, this is a podcast created to inspire you and me on our journey of artistic expression!

We will learn the where, when, why and how of artists living and working in New England just like ourselves!

From Millennials to Baby Boomers we all face similar struggles such as:

Discerning our next step in bringing our art to the world…

How to make ends meet to support ourselves and possibly a family while pursuing this dream…

Or perhaps you are like me and are trying to fit your passion of artmaking around a full or part time job,

raising children,

becoming caregivers to grandchildren or aging parents

or any combination of the above!

Or how about the challenge to simply disengage from social media,

Or carve time from an overscheduled life

and find that quiet space to create!

These stories of how artists balance life’s demands with this passion to create that just won’t let us go, will inspire and challenge us, as well as offer possible solutions to similar complex issues we may be facing.

Perhaps today’s show will bring you the “Ah-Ha” moment you’ve been waiting for!

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